Zachary Wyatt

Website Development
Systems Administration
Technical Support

About Me

I am currently employed with Infomedia, a website design and development company located in Birmingham, Alabama. I operate flexibly in the areas of systems administration, web development, and client technical support - all depending on where I am needed in the moment. Any given day might see me:

In my personal life, I enjoy building my own websites and writing my own programs - this site is an example of one, and other examples can be found on my GitHub. I also find satisfaction in hosting and maintaining my own websites and network infrastructure, including:

Of course, life isn't just about technology! You can also find me reading sci-fi or fantasy (I am currently obsessed with The First Law trilogy), baking (this naan bread is my go-to), or reading about Norse and Byzantine history (and shamelessly naming my servers after locations found therein). If you'd like to work with me professionally, are looking for book recommendations, or just want to talk, get in touch with me below.